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Info about cameras

What is the idea behind?

We are going to build a lot of super cool content about fotograffabrikken, so we can create the photo-universe as we go and dream about. For this course, there is a need for a dictionary, we also started to build, and therefore there comes in here the first of a few posts. The final figure has not been determined yet, but the idea is to make some posts, that explain concepts in the field of photography and the whole of the universe. It means that, as a non-photographer-wise person can understand the language, when you talk with a photographer.
The logical should perhaps be to start with the analog camera, as this is the oldest, but we put out with an slr, as this is the most appropriate for a photographer in the year 2017.

All cameras require that you can see what one is photographing, and this requires technically, a viewfinder or a small monitor on the back. In the vast majority of cases you will find both. A slr camera is technically a camera where you look through the viewfinder, and look from the lens angle. To make this possible, there is a need for a small mirror that allows for this growth to be made on the bias. It is this mirror that flaps up when you take a picture, and lets the light come in through the lens. It is at this moment that the image is recorded. In the old days, getting the light through the lens onto a film, today it is a censor. Therefore, it was called in the old days also a SLR camera and today it is a digital and therefore DSLR camera.

This entire process is illustrated in the image below. Here you see on the first picture how the mirror allows that one can kiggen through the viewfinder and out the lens. On the second picture you see how this mirror flaps up when a picture is taken. There is then a free passage for the light to reach censoren today as in the old days was film.

How a slr camera works

Digital Camera

The next most appropriate for a photographer in the year 2017 is a digital camera. However, it is rarely something that actually is directly relevant. Most now a days use the smartphone as a camera. If required higher quality so choose the majority of a slr camera. However, it is nevertheless in its place to get a handle on what an slr actually is.

The digital camera is the successor of the analogue camera. Here is the big difference that a digital camera uses a sensor to capture light in the photo-currently. Here closes the light through the lens and the sensor captures it. The sensor picks up the amount of light and its color. The big difference from the analogue camera is that by this process as is not required film which you should produce and print on the paper. In the digital camera images are stored: on a memory card. This you can use it to copy the images over to your computer and watch them digitally.

There are various things that are crucial at the difference in quality between various digital cameras. You may have heard the term megapixel before. It is an expression of how many million pixels are assembled in a sensor. Some have 2 megapixels and some have 12 megapixels. Although in this case is a big difference, so be overstated the importance of the number of megapixels often. There are several other technical details that are essential for the quality of the image, and here, among other things, how close the different pixels located on each other.

Analog camera

An analog camera different not really much from a digital camera. The differences, however, are quite crucial. An analog camera is, however, not something you bekymyer care much about in 2017. The overall difference is that an analogue camera using film. The film used to store images for use in a memory card. This film will be produced by a company and is therefore a troublesome method that most can possibly imagine today.

By the use of an analogue camera you will need to send the film into an envelope after which you can pick up the pictures printed out. A process to which digitisation has been put a stop to.

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